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Eaton UPS Protection Software
Client shutdown software for graceful, safe shutdown of UPS-protected devices

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Intelligent Power Software Suite:

  • Intelligent Power Manager: software for extensive monitoring and management
  • Intelligent Power Protector: shutdown software for extended power outages

Use each software independently or as a powerful combination. Together with your UPS, they provide end-to-end power management for maximum uptime and data integrity.

Intelligent Power Software Suite

Eaton's Intelligent Power® Software Suite incorporates two important applications for ensuring quality power and uptime: remote monitoring and management of power devices across the network and automatic, graceful shutdown when faced with an extended power outage.

Intelligent Power Manager supervisory software lets you monitor and manage multiple power and environmental devices across the network from a single interface, giving you up-to-the-minute information on the status of power in your network. It also works seamlessly with VMware's vCenter Server™ and vMotion™ as well as other platforms and migration applications.

Intelligent Power Protector protection software provides graceful, automatic shutdown of network devices during a prolonged power disruption, preventing data loss and saving work-in-progress. As part of Eaton's power network management system, these two applications work together to deliver comprehensive power management and protection. Both software programs are compatible with virtualization platforms from VMware®, Microsoft®, Red Hat® and Xen®.

Benefits for virtualized environments

Intelligent Power Manager's integration with platforms like vCenter and XenCenter™ helps data center managers reduce infrastructure and operating costs while increasing uptime, productivity and operational responsiveness.

  • View critical power information on devices including UPSs, ePDUs and environmental sensors from the vCenter or XenCenter dashboard
  • Instantly access critical information, such as UPS battery condition, load levels and battery runtime
  • Remotely and gracefully shut down servers in clusters during an extended power outage
  • Trigger vMotion, XenMotion™ and other migration applications to transparently move virtual machines to an available server on the network
  • Monitor power usage and kWh to help you calculate your power usage effectiveness (PUE) and identify where to cut costs

Power Software Suite

Intelligent Power Manager

Power Software Suite

When it comes to managing power on your network, one missed anomaly or malfunctioning power device brings everything to a halt. Keeping an eye on the status of power devices across the network, and intervening before a blip cascades into a catastrophe, is a top priority.

Eaton's Intelligent Power Manager brings managing a wide range of power and environmental devices under control through a single, Web-based interface. This versatile software solution is compatible with network-enabled power devices, including Eaton UPSs, non-Eaton UPSs, environmental sensors and ePDUs. In addition, Intelligent Power Manager is the first power management software to not only integrate with VMware's vCenter, letting you manage power to your virtualized environment through the vCenter dashboard, but also to enable the remote shutdown of servers in clusters. Intelligent Power Manager even integrates with several virtualization platforms allowing ease of management and live migration, which will transparently move virtual machines from a server affected by a power interruption to a non-affected server on the network, maintaining data integrity with no downtime.

  • Monitor and manage multiple power and environmental devices from any Internet browser or your virtual machine management dashboard
  • User-definable tree structure enables grouping, access and management of multiple devices across multiple locations
  • Power consumption monitoring helps you track ways to improve both energy efficiency and PUE
  • Auto discovery provides fast installation by automatically detecting devices on the network
  • Mass-upgrading of firmware capability reduces network management card setup and maintenance time
  • Power device asset management tracks moves, adds and changes of equipment
  • SNMP devices are visible and their individual Web interfaces are accessible for editing and configuration
  • Multiple password-protected access levels and support for secure communications
  • All the functionality of an enterprise-class monitoring solution for free or at a fraction of the cost

Power Software Suite

Intelligent Power Protector

Most UPS applications are designed to protect your network devices from power anomalies, including surges, sags and frequency variations. But when the power goes out for longer than your available battery runtime, Intelligent Power Protector software facilitates automatic, graceful shutdown of computers, servers and network devices powered by a UPS, saving all work-in-progress and ensuring data integrity.

Intelligent Power Protector's versatile user interface shows you detailed information about connected servers and UPSs through USB and serial or network communication. The software has a clear, easy-to-use, multilingual interface available on any PC with a Web browser.

Power Software Suite


  • Helps you avoid data loss by gracefully shutting down computers and virtual machines/servers powered by an Eaton UPS during an extended power outage
  • Watchdog capability keeps kiosks with a PC or server running smoothly by automatically identifying hang-ups and rebooting the machine
  • Provides redundancy capability for dual-cord servers
  • Easy-to-use interface from any PC with a Web browser
  • Acquires UPS information through local or network communication and can be easily deployed on many computers
  • Can be remotely managed, configured and updated with Eaton's Intelligent Power Manager
  • Can communicate with the protected device directly (via USB) or through the network (via Web/SNMP card)

Eaton NetWatch Client Software Version 5.0:

NetWatch Client 5.0 UPS connectivity software is a critical component of Eaton's network shutdown solution. NetWatch allows users to configure up to 255 network clients to monitor the activity of a single UPS.

During an extended power failure, NetWatch works in conjunction with a ConnectUPS Web/SNMP network card, to enable the automatic and graceful shutdown of UPS-protected devices. NetWatch's robust configuration options also enable scheduled shutdown and restart operations and provide user notifications.

NetWatch is compatible with ESXi and vSphere from VMware. NetWatch manages extended power failures in a virtualized environment by sequentially shutting down the virtual machines before shutting down the host server, ensuring that no data is lost.

NetWatch Client 5.0 has met the Cisco Technology Developer Program test criteria for interoperability with Cisco’s Unified Communications Manager 4.3.

NetWatch Client enables safe, unattended shutdown of Cisco Unified CallManager in the event of a power loss. Used with an Eaton UPS and a ConnectUPS Web/SNMP or MGE Network Management Card, NetWatch Client safely and gracefully shuts down Cisco Unified CallManager and the client operating system to preserve data integrity during an extended power disturbance.

Eaton NetWatch Client 5.0 has tested compatible with Cisco Unified Communications Manager 4.3. The Cisco Compatible logo signifies that the Eaton product has undergone interoperability testing by Eaton together with Cisco and a third-party test house based on criteria set by Cisco. Eaton is solely responsible for the support and warranty of its product. Cisco makes no warranties, express or implied, with respect to the Eaton product or its interoperation with the listed Cisco product and disclaims any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular use or against infringement.

Eaton Network Shutdown Module:

Network Shutdown Module (NSM) provides data integrity in case of an extended power failure. By installing NSM on UPS-protected servers, the software can gracefully shut down computer operating systems, preserving data.

NSM is now compatible with ESXi virtualization software from VMware. NSM manages extended power failures in a virtualized environment by sequentially shutting down the virtual machines before shutting down the host server.

NSM is Eaton's solution for servers to automate various functions. It:

  • Continuously waits for information from the Management Proxy or Management Card connected to the Eaton Pulsar series UPS
  • Warns administrators and users if AC power fails and proceeds with graceful system shutdown before the end of battery backup power is reached


  • Simple installation
    • No limiting installation pre-requisites (like IIS or JVM)
    • Silent installation possibility for application roll-out
  • Simple use through intuitive Web interface
    • Improved graphical look and feel
    • Graphical, easy and assisted electrical configuration layout
    • High security level installed by default (two-level password, http and https)
    • Remote and multi-OS access through Web browser
    • Menu in the left frame to access the functions
  • Additional Features
    • Compatibility with the major power redundancy mode (this means Eaton has currently the only system able to intelligently and dynamically handle system shutdown of servers protected by N UPS, including load transfer from one UPS to another, impact on backup time estimation, etc., without requesting additional hardware or proxy software)
  • NSM v3 manages the following electrical configurations:
    • Several UPSs in parallel
    • Two UPSs in hot standby (sequential redundancy) Note: For the UPS model that is close to the load, you have to disable Communication Shutoff Orders so that the UPS transfers to bypass and does not accept Network Management Card off commands
    • Two UPSs in serial redundancy
    • Two redundant UPSs through Static Transfer Switch
    • UPSs powering a server with multiple power supplies
  • Computers hosting NSM can be supervised and managed through Intelligent Power Manager
    • Orderly shutdown on UPS controlled outlets
    • Automatic language detection (9 languages including Chinese) according to Web browser language
    • Automatic software updates from Eaton Power Quality Web site
    • Advanced software deployment feature (repackaging, silent installation)
    • Advanced Management through Intelligent Power Manager (Mass Configuration, Mass Update, …)
    • Compatibility with IBM Blade Center (step-by-step deployment guide available on the Web)

NSM is available for free.

Eaton Personal Solution-Pac:

Eaton's Personal Solution-Pac software provides power management for SOHO and small business users looking for an easy way to enhance the protection capabilities of their Eaton UPS.

This software gives users a real-time view of onsite power quality, with in-depth views of UPS status information, including:

  • communication status (on- or offline)
  • power source (battery or input power)
  • output load level
  • remaining backup time
  • battery level

In the event of a power crisis, users also have the ability to set up automatic actions, like automatic PC or server shutdown at the end of the battery runtime or alert notification of any power problem.

Personal Solution-Pac also enables users to prepare for an instance in which power might be low. They can set the point at which the devices connected to their Eaton UPS switch to battery power, for maximum protection.


Download the Eaton Intelligent Power Software Suite Brochure (PDF).

Download the Eaton NetWatch Product Focus (PDF).