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Eaton 93E UPS
Uninterruptible Power Supply


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Eaton 93E 20kVA Tower UPS
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The Eaton 93E UPS is three-phase, double-conversion online UPS that helps you address your biggest data center challenges: operating costs, remote management and unplanned downtime. With internal batteries that provide up to 21 minutes of runtime and a 7 percent higher efficiency rating than competitive units, the 93E UPS maximizes the protection you get for every square foot of floor space and every utility dollar you spend. A detachable maintenance bypass with a mean time to repair of <30 minutes and enhanced management and monitoring capabilities from Brightlayer Data Centers suite increase the reliability of the system and the amount of control you have without even setting foot in the data center.

Lower operating costs through energy-efficient performance

  • Delivers up to 98 percent efficiency
  • Up to 7 percent more efficient than competitive units
  • Qualifies for local utility rebates and incentives

Maximum runtime using internal batteries

  • Delivers up to 21 minutes of runtime
  • Delivers up to 138 minutes of runtime when paired with Extended Battery Cabinets (EBC)
  • Allows you to scale up as you grow
  • Provides greater runtime at lower costs

Detachable maintenance bypass options guarantee zero downtime

  • Allows you to redirect power during UPS maintenance and servicing
  • Reduces repair time and costs

Occupy less floor space with a compact footprint

  • Up to 35 percent smaller than similar competitive solutions
  • Allows dedication of more floor space to revenue-producing equipment
  • Industry-leading runtimes mean fewer accessories


  • Small-to-medium data centers
  • Servers, networks, lighting
  • Telecom switches and servers
  • Medical imagery equipment
  • Banking infrastructure
  • Mission critical fabrication equipment


Lowest total cost of ownership

The 93E is the clear choice if you’re seeking to maximize your return on investment (ROI). Delivering the lowest TCO of any UPS in its class, the 93E offers a unique blend of energy, space and installation savings. The 93E can decrease your TCO by more than $85,000 over its 12-year lifespan when compared to current competitive offerings.*

Energy-efficient design

The 93E is capable of achieving up to a 98 percent efficiency rating, making it one of the most energy-efficient UPSs in its class — and it still provides maximum load protection. Unlike most high-efficiency UPSs, the 93E:

  • Provides surge suppression for the load
  • Detects the location of faults (utility or load) and takes the appropriate action
  • Switches to double-conversion operation in less than 4 ms

The 93E will save more than $71,292 in electricity and cooling costs over the life of the product when compared to a 60 kVA UPS operating at 91 percent efficiency.

Compact footprint

Smaller than any comparable competitor by up to 35 percent, the 93E allows you to better utilize floor space for revenueproducing equipment. It also puts money back in your pocket that would otherwise be used to build, maintain and condition space for larger power and support equipment. The ongoing annual maintenance cost for office and data center space in the United States is estimated to be between $90 and $224 per square foot. The savings realized from the 93E’s smaller footprint quickly adds up.

60 kVA Width (in) Depth (in) Height (in) Footprint (sq/ft)
Eaton 93E 23.6 31.5 74.9 5.2
A 45.3 30.0 72.0 9.4
B 48.0 35.5 81.5 11.8
C 56.8 38.0 78.5 15.0


Reduced installation costs mean the 93E can be up and supporting your loads faster, while lower installation and wiring costs to further reduce its TCO.

  • Optimized angled connections reduce bending radius of input and output wiring
  • Clear wiring terminal block access ensures easy connections
  • Integrated wheels facilitate easy movement to final location


The 93E is easily and quickly serviced to provide the highest level of availability.

  • Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) <30 minutes
  • Screws are attached to components to prevent accidental drops into the unit
  • An optional detachable sidecar allows for quick and inexpensive unit maintenance, while maintaining your load


Enhance the capabilities of your 93E by integrating it with Eaton's Intelligent Power® Software Suite (IPSS) to monitor and manage your network power devices. IPSS enables you to:

  • Seamlessly integrate with VMware’s vCenter and other virtualization platforms, such as Citrix XenServer, Microsoft SCVMM, Red Hat and other Xen open source platforms
  • Initiate live migration of virtual machines (VMs) to automatically and transparently migrate them during power disruptions to unaffected devices with systems such as VMware vMotion and Microsoft Live Migration
  • Agentless remote shutdown of computers and VMs and host servers during an extended power outage
  • Extend battery runtime through sophisticated load shedding capabilities


Extended Battery Cabinet (EBC)

Matching EBCs give the 9E flexible runtime options to meet any requirement needs and allow you to scale up as you grow.

Integrated Accessory Cabinet (IAC)

Several configurations of the IAC are available:

  • Parallel tie and maintenance bypass
  • Distribution with one 42-pole panelboard with up to three subfeed breakers

Maintenance bypass options

  • New 8-inch wide sidecar options available to reduce repair time and costs
  • Allows you to remain online by redirecting power during maintenance
  • Right- or left-mount capable

Integrated Transformer Cabinet (ITC)

Houses transformer configurations to adjust input or input/output voltages to meet location requirements

  • 480V:208V
  • 480V:480V

Wall-mount bypass

Save even more floor space with an Eaton wall-mount bypass panel, available in two configurations:

  • Bypass
  • Bypass and 36-pole distribution

* Energy calculation based against a 60 kVA UPS operating at 91% efficiency (kW/hr $0.10, Cooling Ratio 80%, 12 yrs). Space saving calculation based against a 60 kVA UPS with an 11.8 ft 2 footprint using $150/ft 2 per year.


Eaton 93E UPS Specifications
Ratings 20 kVA/16 kW, 30 kVA/24 kW, 40 kVA/32 kW and 60 kVA/48 kW
Topology Double-conversion online UPS
Electrical Input 208/120V, 4 wire or 220/127V, 4 wire
Input Voltage Range -15%, +10% from nominal at 100% load without depleting battery
Operating Frequency 50/60 Hz (40 to 72 Hz)
Input Power Factor >0.99 typical
Input Current Distortion 5% THD
Electrical Output
Nominal Output Voltage 208/220, 3/4 wire
Output Voltage Regulation ±1% Static; ±5% dynamic at 100% resistive load change, <20 ms response time
Battery Type 9 Ah, sealed, lead-acid, maintenance-free
Battery Runtime (100% Load) 20 kVA - 21 minutes, 30 kVA - 12 minutes, 40 kVA - 10 minutes, 60 kVA - 5 minutes
Battery Replacement Field-replaceable
Charging Method ABM (Cyclic) or float
Efficiency Up to 98% High-efficiency mode
Up to 92% Double-conversion
UPS Bypass Automatic on overload or UPS failure
Dimensions W x D x H, in (mm) 20-30 kVA - 20.9 x 31.5 x 53.5 (530 x 800 x 1360)
40-60 kVA - 23.6 x 31.5 x 74.9 (600 x 800 x 1880)
Weights 20-30 kVA - 1049.4 lbs, 476 kg
40-60 kVA - 1499.1 lbs, 680 kg
Overload 150% for 40 ms
125% for 30 seconds
110% for 10 min
Display Graphical LCD with blue backlight
LEDs (4) LEDs for notice and alarm
Audible Alarms Yes
Communication Ports (1) RS-232, (1) REPO
Communication Slot (2) Mini-slot communication bays
(3) Building inputs
Operating Temperature 0ºC (32ºF) to +30ºC (86ºF);
Batteries recommended max. +25ºC (77ºF)
Storage Temperature -25ºC (-13ºF) to +55ºC (131ºF) without batteries
+15ºC (59ºF) to +25ºC (77ºF) with batteries
Relative Humidity 5–95%, non-condensing
Audible Noise < 65 dBA at 1 meter (noise less room) typical
Altitude < 1500m at +30°C (86ºF)
Safety Certifications UL1778
EMI Standards EN55022/EN55024
EMC Compliance IEC 62040-2
Quality ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 14001:1996
Markings UL, cUL
Eaton 93E EBC runtimes
kVA Internal runtime (minutes) Internal + external runtime (minutes)
20 21 138
30 12 84
40 12 128
60 6.6 77


93E 20-30 KVA Front View
93E 20-30 KVA
93E 20-30 KVA Angle View
93E 20-30 KVA
93E 40-60 KVA Front View
93E 40-60 KVA
93E 40-60 KVA Angle View
93E 40-60 KVA

Pricing Notes:

  1. Contact service for information on kVA upgrade kits.
  2. External battery cabinet (EBC) can be added at any time, however requires authorized service.
  3. Eaton recommends you use a left side SAIC-B if Extended battery cabinets (EBC) are to be installed.
  4. Wall mount bypass are three-breaker type, therefore for dual feed, separate feed will be required to be supplied by others to feed rectifier.
  5. Mount Transformer or IDC cabinets on the same side as SAIC-B cabinet.
  6. Maximum of 2 Extended Battery Cabinets can be bought for a system. See runtime chart.
  7. Distribution breakers for 36 pole panel are Eaton type BAB or QBH.
Eaton Products
93E Models
Eaton 93E 20kVA Tower UPS
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Eaton 93E 30kVA Tower UPS
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Eaton 93E 40kVA Tower UPS
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Eaton 93E 60kVA Tower UPS
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