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Eaton PDI PowerPak PDU
Power Distribution Unit (PDU) for IT Equipment

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Eaton PDI PowerPak PDU
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The Eaton PowerPak PDU protects your critical computer equipment from electrical noise and spikes and acts as a single point reference ground. Each PDU can be individually configured to meet your needs for isolation, voltage transformation, harmonic reduction and voltage regulation with virtually limitless distribution options. Standard DOE 2016 compliant transformers make Eaton PowerPak PDUs ultra energy efficient, reducing your long-term operating expenditures. Built-in system monitoring and diagnostics facilitate load balancing and warn of potential threats.

Every Eaton PowerPak PDU goes through the toughest testing in the industry. Eaton’s comprehensive quality assurance program, with 100 percent unit inspection and testing, is just one way we assure each unit will perform flawlessly day after day.

It offers up to a 300 kVA DOE2016 transformer and integrates the intelligent PDI WaveStar Branch Circuit Monitoring solution with 7-inch color touchscreen display.

Intelligent WaveStar monitoring

WaveStar monitoring with 7-inch color touch screen display gives you realtime control of actual loads down to the individual breaker level. This important decision making tool integrates Eaton’s BCMS (Branch Circuit Monitoring System) so you control systemwide performance, breaker power levels, along with current and voltage data. This means improved, more timely decisions can be made based on real-time load and capacity data, all in one interactive and monitoring package.

Win the race for space

Eaton designed our PDU to grow with your facility. “sidecars” can be added to the standard cabinet to give you up to six 42-circuit panels or combinations of panels and sub-feed breakers. Up to 252 separate circuits can be installed in a single unit. These circuits can be monitored by one of Eaton’s BCMS systems as a factory installed component.

Redundancy increases system reliability

For utmost system reliability, choose one of our dual-input options. Eaton manufactures dual-input PowerPak PDUs with a full range of sensing and switching options to meet the speed and budget requirements of a wide array of applications. Our manual dual and static switch primary and secondary PowerPak PDU systems help you create the most reliable power distribution system available — one that provides multiple power paths from normal and emergency electrical sources all the way to the point-of-use level.

Modular design

Eaton’s modular design results in higher quality due to the standardized pre-testing of all modules, allowing us to meet the tight project deadlines that data centers demand.

Eaton service and support

After your equipment has been installed, call on Eaton’s service team for 24/7 support. Our industry best sales and service team will stay with you from the design of your system through the life of your data center.

Other power distribution units

  • PowerHub: 500–1,250 kVA with solid bus construction, see our separate PowerHub brochure.
  • PowerPak 2: 100–400 kVA with compartmentalization and true front access, see our separate PowerPak 2 brochure.

Eaton PowerPak PDU touchscreen display

Core Features:

Up to 300 kVA DOE2016 transformer

The PDI PowerPak PDU offers DOE2016 compliant transformers in sizes up to 300 kVA.

Dual and triple output transformer

The PDI PowerPak PDU offers dual and triple output transformers allowing easy migration to different voltages, future-proofing your data center.

Classic dimensions with casters

The PDI PowerPak PDU cabinet dimensions of 36.5”w X 32.75”d X 74.75”h and integrated casters allows for easy installation in retrofit building applications.

Flexible cabinet and side-car options

The PDI PowerPak PDU offers multiple distribution panelboard and sub feed options in-cabinet and in optional side cars.

Intelligent power monitoring

The PDI WaveStar Branch Circuit Monitoring System (BCMS) allows for the pro-active management of power usage and availability.

Adaptable service entrances

Landing service entrance cables has never been easier with top/bottom entry/exit configurations.

Manual dual with keyed interlocks

The PDI PowerPak PDU comes in a manual dual system allowing for a “make before break” transition of power.

Optional infrared scanning

The PDI PowerPak PDU allows for easy front access infrared scanning when distribution breakers are placed in a front facing sidecar.

Optional air containment skirts

Optional bottom skirts are available for the PDI PowerPak PDU providing back-pressure for HVAC systems when installed on a raised floor.


Eaton PDI PowerPak PDU Specifications
kVA rating 50-300 kVA
Input 3-phase, 3-wire plus ground
Input voltage @ 50 Hz: 415 or 380V
@ 60 Hz: 600, 480 or 208V
Output 3-phase, 4-wire plus ground
Output voltage @ 50 Hz: 415/240or 380/220V
@ 60 Hz: 600, 480 or 208/120V
  • Copper or aluminum wound construction.
  • Dual electrostatic shield – attenuates high frequency noise.
  • Oversized netural conductor.
  • Transverse mode noise protection.
  • Accurate kW, power factor and THD measurement.
  • True RMS metering.
  • Operating Efficiency: DOE 2016 compliant.
  • Listed to UL 1950, CSA certified.
  • Modbus RTY communications, Modbus TCP/IP, SNMP.
  • BCMS available as factory installed option.
  • NEMA 1 enclosure with removable front, side & rear panels.
  • Removable front, side and rear panels.
  • Intergrated two-point latch and vision panels.
  • Flush-mounted door handle with integral locks.
  • Advanced door catch assures positive closure.
Operating Conditions
Storage temperature ambient -10°C to +40°C
Operating temperature ambient 0°C to 40°C
50 Hz operating range 47-53 Hz
60 Hz operating range 57-63 Hz
Standard monitor Eaton WaveStar monitor with 7-inch color touchscreen display (input and output monitoring)
Options Dual transformer thermal switches
Communications Serial RS-485 Modbus; optional SNMP communications
Thermal Dual transformer thermal switches
Quad-Wye technology Solves harmonic problems by canceling the destructive triplen and nontriplen current harmonics.
Transient Suppression Network (TSN) An integrated system engineered to meet ANSI/ IEEE category C standards for transient voltages and surge currents.
Lightning arrestor/surge suppressor Protects the insulation of the system magnetics.
Distribution panelboards/sub-feed breakers Customized distribution configurations meet the demands of any facility.
Redundant power distribution systems
  • WaveStar manual dual
    Dual-input power distribution systems that allow for manual source selection to isolate upstream equipment and facilitate system maintenance and repair.
  • WaveStar primary and secondary static switch system
    Static switching, power conditioning and distribution system for transparent dual power source transfers. An integrated line up that offers primary, secondary and dual-cord configurations to help optimize your system solution. The Eaton static switch will sense and transfer between sources in 4 ms.
Transformers DOE 2016 compliant transformers are standard on all models.


Download the Eaton PDI PowerPak PDU Datasheet (PDF).

Pricing Notes:

Eaton Products
PDI PowerPak PDU Models
Eaton PDI PowerPak PDU
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