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Eaton PDI TFA Static Transfer Switch
True front access enclosure

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Eaton PDI TFA Static Transfer Switch
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The PDI TFA Static Transfer Switch maximizes the availability and reliability of power for mission critical loads through the automatic seamless transfer from two independent power inputs in an innovative true front access enclosure. Available in sizes ranging from 250A – 1200A, the PDI TFA Static Transfer Switch maximizes the availability and reliability of power for mission critical loads through the automatic seamless transfer from two independent power inputs in an innovative true front access enclosure.

Known for its patented transfer algorithms, the PDI TFA STS is unmatched in it's 2 million hour mean time between failure (MTBF), dual redundant operator interfaces, flash memory firmware updates and hot swappable control logic components. The true front access enclosure allows for installation, service, maintenance and IR scanning from the front of the unit – a first in the industry.

The PDI TFA STS is adaptable for primary (480V) and secondary (208V) topologies by utilizing a common power and controls pass through on the PDI STS and PDU enclosures simplifying installation. The PDI STS also monitors power quality of both sources including real-time waveform capture and monitoring of downstream sub-feed and panelboard breakers through the 10.4” touchscreen display. Compartmentalized power, SCR, controls and communications compartments decrease the risk of arc flash and increase worker safety. Adaptable top/bottom entry/exit for power and communications (BMS/DCIM) enables flexible deployment in a wide variety of mission critical facilities.

PDI TFA STS redefines performance, reliability and its innovative approach to installation and service ultimately achieves the lowest total cost of ownership for your mission critical facility.

Compartmentalized true front access enclosure

Power semiconductors, molded case switches, controls, fans and operator interfaces are compartmentalized into separate areas of the true front access enclosure. This allows installation, maintenance, service and IR scanning to be completed from the front of the enclosure, minimizing square footage requirements, decreasing contractor installation time and increasing worker safety during maintenence.

Adaptable service entrances

Because every data center is different, determining service entrances for input/output power connections and communications for building management systems (BMS) can vary from site to site as well as unit to unit. The WaveStar TFA Static Transfer Switch was engineered to be both top/bottom entry/exit for the ultimate in flexibility. The WaveStar TFA Static Transfer Switch can also be ordered where source and output bus is oriented and located for top or bottom preference shortening conductors saving time and money.

Line-and-match with our PowerPak 2 and PowerHub 2 power distribution units (PDUs)

A universal and integrated front access cable path allows independent customization of both the PDU and STS to provide a system of power switching and distribution unique to each client or facility.

Triple redundancy

A true system redundancy provides the ultimate in power system reliability.

Dual redundant operator interfaces

In the event of a touchscreen display failure, the WaveStar STS can be operated via the Redundant Operator Interface (ROI). The ROI enables the operator to select mode of operation and source (1 or 2) enabling continuous operation, maximizing uptime and when combined with triple redundancy provides an industry leading calculated 2 million hour Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF).

Rigorous five-step quality process

  1. Vendor quality partnership using Eaton-designed test equipment and procedures
  2. Functional component testing
  3. Component level tests in simulated STS environment
  4. Module level test
  5. Verification of final product system performance

Volt second synchronization (VSS) algorithm

The WaveStar VSS transfer algorithm switches power sources quickly within CBEMA limits without connecting the two sources, all while minimizing voltage disruptions and preserving transformer flux balance. This is achieved by rapidly firing the power semiconductors to establish a balance point as quickly as possible by analyzing the voltage disruption and volt-second balance. The result is an automatic clean transfer of power 1/2 to ≤3/4 cycle with in-rush current typically ≤ 1X unit rating regardless of make up and size of the load. Manual transfers are ≤1/8 cycle for in-phase conditions.

Power or gate (POG) algorithm

The WaveStar POG transfer algorithm transfers the load to the alternate source as quickly as possible with automatic transfer times ≤1/4 cycle (including sense time) and ≤1/8 cycle for normal in-phase conditions.

Communications package

The WaveStar communication package enhances the overall reliability and availability of power to your facility by:

  • Providing instantaneous access to redundant sources of power
  • Enabling online maintenance of upstream equipment
  • Showing real-time wave form captures on the color touchscreen
  • Gathering power data from downstream BCMS devices (PDU, RPP).


Eaton PDI TFA Static Transfer Switch Specifications
Current 250A: 50 x 36 x 84 in. (WxDxH)
400A: 50 x 36 x 84 in. (WxDxH)
600A: 50 x 36 x 84 in. (WxDxH)
800A: 60 x 36 x 84 in. (WxDxH)
1000A: 60 x 36 x 84 in. (WxDxH)
1200A: 60 x 36 x 84 in. (WxDxH)
  • Fail safe dual redundant display
  • Triple redundant logic
  • Triple redundant power supplies
  • Dual redundant gate drivers for SCRs. Two gate drivers for each SCR
  • Two-output switches available.
  • Power or gate (POG) algorithm
  • Volt second synchronization (VSS) algorithm limits in-rush for 600, 575, 480, 450, 415, 400, 380 & 208 volt systems during transfers.
  • VSS soft start up, initial start-up, restart or transfer limits to ≤2 times in-rush up to 180 degrees out of phase, typically <1 times in-rush.
  • Layered security through log on access
  • User log-on ID and PIN number required for PDI STS operation
  • All log-ins are time and date stamped for future reference
Installation and maintenance
  • True front access enclosure for installation, maintenance, service and IR scanning.
  • Separate compartments for logic module, power semiconductors, molded case switches and fans for safer   maintenance and easy access for IR scanning.
  • Optional IR scanning windows enable operator to scan all connections with minimal personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Hot swap capability for printed circuit boards (PCBs)
  • Bypass allows for replacement of PCBs while STS is powered and connected to the load.
  • Hot swap capability for touch screen display.
  • Engaging the redundant operator interface (ROI) allows the touch screen display to be replaced without interrupting power.
  • Landing power and communications cables has never been easier with both top/bottom entry/exit within the true front access enclosure.
  • Fail safe dual redundant operator interfaces
  • Primary interface – touch screen display
  • Secondary interface – redundant operator interface (ROI)
  • Status, event and alarm logs captured and stored at the PDI   STS and viewable locally on the touch screen display and via   web browser (PDI STS may NOT be operated via the web   browser).
  • Events will continue to record up to 10 seconds after loss of   power.
  • Event/alarm memory is 2MB
  • Real-time capture of wave forms
  • Branch circuit monitoring system (BCMS) available
  • Graphic depiction of load trends
  • Graphic depiction of voltage and current harmonics
  • Voice unit audible assistance for alarms and bypass operations.
Graphical user interface (GUI)
  • 10.4-inch LCD color touch screen
  • 640 x 480 resolution
  • 262k colors
Communications protocol
  • Modbus TCP/IP
  • Modbus RTU through RS 422/485 port
  • SNMP
  • (TCP/IP) read-only web browser
  • Email alerts
  • NTP time setting
  • Alarm log download via USB


Download the Eaton PDI TFA Static Transfer Switch Datasheet (PDF).

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Eaton Products
PDI TFA Static Transfer Switch Models
Eaton PDI TFA Static Transfer Switch
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