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Eaton PDI PowerHub 2 PDU
Power Distribution Unit (PDU) for IT Equipment

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PDI PowerHub 2 PDU Models
Eaton PDI PowerHub 2 PDU
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Eaton’s PowerHub PDU family provides power distribution for applications with 300 kVA and above. The new PowerHub 2 PDU, built on a modularized design platform, provides compact, robust and efficient solutions for power isolation, voltage transformation, harmonic reduction and voltage regulation with a wide range of distribution options.

Available in sizes ranging from 375 to 1.25 MVA, the PDI PowerHub 2 is a powerhouse PDU. It’s industry leading 60” wide x 40” deep true front access cabinet makes it the smallest footprint in its class. Known for its centralized brazed bus system the PDI PowerHub 2 provides up to (12) 400A or (16) 225A 100% rated sub feed distribution breakers.  

It’s compartmentalized design isolates controls and high voltage components which simplifies maintenance and increases operator safety.  Front access infrared scanning ensures maximum reliability and uptime for your mission-critical facility. 

For pro-active management of power usage and availability, the PDI PowerHub 2 utilizes Intelligent Power Monitoring through the PDI WaveStar BCMS, or branch circuit monitoring system including a class-leading 7-inch color touchscreen display.

Modularized design platform

  • Compact enclosure provides smallest footprint in the industry
  • Compartmentalized electrical components provide easy and safe access
  • Wide range of breaker options in one design to meet various needs

Robust and efficient performance

  • Central welded bus built to provide reliable power distribution and front access
  • TP-1 transformers standard and product UL listed
  • Ultra high efficiency data center grade transformer for energy cost savings
  • Optional 100 percent rated circuit electronic trip breakers for precision control

Intelligent WaveStar monitoring

  • Integrated billing-grade monitoring system for real-time control of actual loads down to the individual breaker level
  • WaveStar color touch monitor provides intuitive local monitoring and seamless integrations over Modbus, SNMP or TCP/IP

Timely product delivery and support

  • Short lead time to provide timely product delivery
  • 24/7 service and support
  • Sales and service support from system design throughout data center life

Other power distribution units

  • Rackmount Power Distribution Units
  • PowerPak: 750–300 kVA
  • PowerHub: 300 kVA–1mVA
  • Medium Voltage/Power Distribution Units: 4160V or 12470V system

Core Features:

Four-tier true front access cabinet

The 60″ wide x 40″ deep four-tier true front access cabinet maximizes square footage utilization and enables all operation, maintenance and service from the front of the PDU.

Front access infrared scanning

Full swing out front doors and an unobstructed view cabinet design enable infrared scanning of all bolted line and load connections.

375 to 1MVA DOE2016 transformer

PDI PowerHub 2 offers DOE-compliant transformers in sizes from 375 to 1MVA. Up to 1.25 MVA high efficiency transformer.

Dual and triple output transformer

PDI PowerHub 2 offers dual and triple output transformers allowing easy migration to different voltages, future-proofing your data center.

Isolated controls & enclosures

Isolated compartments for both controls and high voltage components simplifies maintenance and increase operator safety.

Brazed transformer connections

Brazed transformer connections decrease electrical resistance and eliminate the need for transformer infrared scanning.

Centralized bus design

PDI PowerHub 2 provides up-to 12 (400A) and up-to 16 (225A) sub feed distribution breakers via a centralized bus design.

Adaptable service entrances

Landing service entrance cables has never been easier with top/bottom entry/exit configurations.

Advanced monitoring

Eaton continues to advance it’s monitoring solutions. We now have two monitoring products available for the PDI PowerHub 2 PDU.


Eaton PDI PowerHub 2 PDU Specifications
kVA rating 375kVA – 1.25MVA
Input 3-phase, 3-wire plus ground
Input voltage @ 50 Hz: 380V – 415V
@ 60 Hz: 600, 480 or 208V
Output 3-phase, 4-wire plus ground
Output voltage @ 50 Hz: 380/220, 400/231, 415/240VAC
@ 60 Hz: 600/346, 575/332, 480/277, 415/240VAC or 208/120VAC
Listed to UL 1062, UL 1950, CSA Certified
  • TP-1 transformers are standard on all models.
  • Operating Efficiency: 98% or better
  • Copper wound construction – better conducting and more resilient than aluminum
  • Dual electrostatic shield – attenuates high frequency noise
  • Oversized 200% neutral conductor
  • Common mode noise protection
  • Transverse mode noise protection
  • Optional Quad-Wye Technology solves harmonic problems by canceling the destructive triplen and non-triplen current harmonics
  • NEMA 1 enclosure with removable front, side, and rear panels
  • Optional NEMA 3R enclosure
  • Integrated two-point latch and vision panels
  • Flush-mounted door handle with integral locks
  • Advanced door catch assures positive closure
Operating Conditions
Storage temperature ambient -10°C to +40°C
Per ANSI/IEEE C57.12.01 – The temperature of the cooling air (ambient temperature) shall not exceed 40°C, and the average temperature of the cooling air for any 24 hour period shall not exceed 30°C
Operating temperature ambient 0°C to 40°C
50 Hz operating range 47-53 Hz
60 Hz operating range 57-63 Hz
Audible noise ≤ 6,600 ft.
Relative humidity 0% to 95% non-condensing
Option A
  • Monitor: PDI WaveStar Infinity Monitor.
  • Communications: Native modbus RTU. Native modbus TCP. SNMP (Version 1 & Version 2). Native TCP/IP WebServer (HTML 5 Support).
  • Display: 7 inch color touchscreen.
  • Data refresh rate: 1 second.
  • Transformer monitoring.
  • Sub-feed monitoring.
  • Panelboad monitoring.
Option B
  • Monitor: PDI WaveStar monitor.
  • PDI WaveStar color touch monitor.
  • Communications: Serial RS-485 modbus RTU; optional SNMP or TCP/IP communications.
  • BCMS: Available as factory-installed option.
  • Options: Per circuit output monitoring.
  • Thermal: Dual transformer thermal sensors.
  • True RMS metering.
  • Accurate kW, power factor and THD measurement.


Download the Eaton PDI PowerHub 2 PDU Datasheet (PDF).

Pricing Notes:

Eaton Products
PDI PowerHub 2 PDU Models
Eaton PDI PowerHub 2 PDU
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