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Eaton announces new high-power density inductors to meet the demanding progression of power and thermal handling requirements in automotive and commercial electronics


PLEASANTON, Calif. … Power management company Eaton today announced its next generation of miniature power inductors. The MPI25V2 and MPIA25V2 represents many of Eaton’s latest advancements in power magnetics in a compressed 2.5 mm x 2.0 mm package with 1.0 mm and 1.2 mm heights.  MPI25V2 and MPIA25V2 utilizes an advanced molded construction design for high current handling capabilities, better thermal dissipation characteristics and superior mechanical strength. “Our new MPI25V2 inductors were developed to meet new trends in DC to DC power converters requiring high power density and ambient temperatures.” said Steve Subiry, global product manager at Eaton. “The new product family of molded inductors strengthens our product portfolio and allow us to participate in new generation technology platforms. We are very proud to bring this market leading solution to our customers”. The MPI25V2 is ideal for commercial applications such as servers and datacenters, mobile and handheld devices, wearables, notebooks, graphics, game consoles, IoT, industrial connectivity and memory. The MPIA25V2 offers the automotive grade performance suitable for LED lighting, vehicle infotainment, Advanced Drivers Assistant Systems (ADAS), predictive safety systems, vehicle connectivity, USB chargers, and engine control units (ECUs). Additionally, the MPIA25V2 is AEC-Q200 Automotive Grade 3 compliant with a maximum operating temperature of 125 degrees Celsius (ambient plus self-temperature rise). Eaton’s MPI25V2 and MPIAV2 offer high current carrying capacity, high power density, low core losses and magnetic shielding to reduce EMI effects to other devices.